TruFood Launchpad

TruFood has a long history of developing and producing nutrition bars, chocolate molded products, and granola for some of the largest and emerging brands.  We have propelled existing, emerging brands into profitable enterprises through our support in product innovation and technical know-how.

We created and introduced the TruFood Launchpad to formally solidify our position as a key brand partner and innovator in the industry.

The TruFood Launchpad is a collaboration spot where our food scientists ideate concepts, prototype samples, and problem-solve technical challenges.  The dedicated R&D area is 2,200 square feet created in 2020 to help co-develop products with existing customers and prospective ones.

We designed a beautiful space where we share our passion for food development and further invigorate creativity.

Our goal is to ignite ideas that ultimately propel our customer’s brands.

As customers are onboarded, they are introduced to TruFood Launchpad and encouraged to take advantage of our services. We are not a service-for-hire entity and only offer Launchpad to current and close-in partners as we understand what it takes to be a true partner.  TruFood Launchpad offers an experienced team of food scientists with R&D know-how who have helped accelerate growth with existing customers and win new ones.

Traditionally, formulation work is done independently with samples being shipped back and forth from the co-manufacturer to the brand.  In an effort to shorten the development timeline and improve the quality of results, TruFood R&D works alongside the brand’s decision-makers so formulas can be finalized during onsite sessions.

As an example, we assisted an existing brand in launching a confection product.  It was a new category for the brand and leveraged our deep experience in chocolate.  The product met with immediate, overwhelming consumer acceptance.

We enjoy partnering with brands that share our same passion for food. Reach out to our sales team to see how your brand may fit in at TruFood Launchpad.

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