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Food innovation is focused on scientific and technical approaches in food preparation, along with the introduction of novel and functional ingredients. The use of functional ingredients is becoming more relevant to consumers that desire improved physical and mental well-being.

An example of a cost-effective and highly studied functional ingredient is a prebiotic fiber.  Large arrays of prebiotic fiber exist in the food industry.  Each prebiotic fiber can offer up different formulation attributes while contributing health benefits to the consumer.  In a world focused on sugar reduction, we can use prebiotic fibers to replace higher sugar ingredients such as corn syrups or cane sugar.

So, what exactly is prebiotic fiber?

To put it simply, it is food for the microorganisms in our gut.  If our gut is performing optimally, our entire body can benefit.  With a healthy and robust gut microorganism population, we can better utilize the beneficial nutrients in our foods resulting in increased energy, immune response, and overall improved health.

Research has found that there isn’t just one magic bullet when it comes to prebiotic fibers. Often a blend of prebiotic ingredients provides the gut with an optimal balance of food for our gut.  Each prebiotic fiber is digested at different points in the intestinal tract leading to different health benefits.  At TruFood, we continually research the latest offerings of prebiotic fibers for gut health while utilizing their functionality in overall formulation development.  We look forward to partnering with brands that want to offer or optimize a health benefit that resonates with their consumers.

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