Go-To-Market, Growth Strategy & Competitive Advantage

Where We Are Now – Business Development at TruFood


When you work with TruFood, we are dedicated to facilitating collaboration and organization- wide process consistency for your brand. Our goal is to champion quality outputs and overall customer satisfaction. To do this, Trufood is committed to building value for TruFood brand partners through the execution of relationship management, research and development, and commercialization.


In the relationship management stage, we will observe

  • existing customer retention and growth
  • new customer acquisition
  • sales forecasting to ensure adequate capacity to manage brand growth needs
  • initial information flow for all new opportunities


In the research and development stage, we

  • observe initial gate in new product life cycle
  • work closely with brand partners to enhance brand offerings
  • oversee all product trial from scope to execution
  • manage existing customer formulation charges and technical maintenance requirements


In the commercialization stage, we

  • manage the start-up and onboarding of new products
  • reach gold standard product quality at first production run
  • build trust through commercialization execution


We believe that these stages are solutions for our customers and differentiate us from our competitors. Our talented team of resources are ready to assist with product development, food safety, production planning, vendor relationships and much more. Contact us for more information on how we can help with your business development or our Launchpad.


Our promise is to provide our brand partners with the tools to achieve and enhance their enterprise value.


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