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Getting to know Ferhat Maouche, Kitchen Operator

Profile photo of Ferhat Maouche

Company Spotlight is a dynamic series meant to highlight stories of the amazing individuals working at TruFood.  From the production personnel, to maintenance technicians, engineers, procurement managers, demand planners, line leaders, accountants, and beyond, every story is aimed at getting to the heart of our team so that you can get to know us a little bit better and understand why our employees are the most important ingredient in our recipe for success.


November 2020


In this edition, meet Ferhat Maouche.  Ferhat has been with us for just under one year now and is based in our Pittsburgh facility.  Ferhat came to the United States as an immigrant from Algeria and TruFood Manufacturing was his first job in the US.


Lets learn more about him.


When asked about his experience getting his first job at TruFood, Ferhat told us, “I was afraid with the language barrier that I would have a difficult time communicating, but everyone is easy to talk with and extremely helpful.”

“I started as a packer palletizer, and within 1 week my manager came to me and asked what kind of experience I had. He believed in me and my abilities and encouraged me to pursue the material handler position. It was a great opportunity for me and my family. After being with the company 5 months, an opening in the kitchen became available. It was good money, and I was promoted again to a kitchen operator.”

“After only 6 months I got two raises. It was amazing! I am very happy and thankful for this company. The company gives me confidence that I can succeed here and maybe even become a manager one day. I like to learn, and the company offers a great tuition reimbursement program.”

“I did not believe I would have this kind of success, but my ambitions are big, just like this company. The sky is the limit.”



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