TruFood endeavors to partner with middle market brands that require sophisticated systems and experienced operational teams to protect and propel their brands.


Nutrition & Protein Bars

All of our bar lines provide flexibility across the manufacturing process. A full range of mixing capabilities are available coupled with extrusion and slab forming to produce full length and mini bar formats. Full enrobing, bottom enrobing, inclusions, topping and decorating are available to finish the formed bar. Fully automated wrapping and display packing are standard on all production lines.

"TruFood is on the forefront of manufacturing and our experience combined with a passion for new technology help us exceed your production needs.   With your idea, and our expertise, together we will achieve what may seem impossible."

Paul Ciarrochi | Project Engineer


Chocolate Products

Our moulding lines offer a wide range of flexibility from the ability to receive and store bulk chocolate to the many different final pack configurations available. Each line has dedicated tempering units along with a wide range of options for handling center material. Moulds are fully customizable to create a wide rage of shapes, embossed pieces, and bars.

"Engineering and project execution is a core strength, and we are proud to assist our customers in process development.  We are continually evaluating new technology that equates to ease of use, ease of sanitation, and minimal downtime. We are always thinking about new equipment and designs that can be incorporated into our production lines to reach a new level of performance and flexibility."

Pete Klobucher | Senior Engineer



Our equipment is designed to produce a wide variety of baked granola products with the ability to add inclusions post bake. From plain granola to nut, chocolate, and fruit inclusions, we can handle your demand. Our baking, distribution, and bagging line ensures fresh and accurate product delivery.

Food Safety and Quality Control

Dedicated staff of Quality Professionals, including Regulatory, Quality Systems and Quality Assurance Managers

Full regulatory reviews of products and product labeling

A minimum of testing capabilities on site having relationships with several accredited labs that perform a full array of chemical, physical, microbiological and nutritional testing

Quality Assurance Compliance software performing a wide array of Quality Assurance Monitoring

SQF and BRC Certified

Kosher, Gluten-Free, Halal, Organic and other Certifications in place.

“At TruFood, food safety and quality aren’t just priorities, they are part of our mission. We are dedicated to the promise that when you eat our product, you may enjoy it with freedom from worrying about how it was made.”

Chris DeVore | Director of Quality Assurance