Worker tending to bars on a machine

About Us

At TruFood, we put our passion and technical expertise to work for you. We take the success of the brands we partner with to heart and are driven by the collaborative relationships we forge with our partners – helping you build brand equity on a foundation of trust, innovation, and consistent performance.

Working with TruFood

We believe in the power of people, collaboration, and creativity.

TruFood has a long history of developing and producing nutrition bars, chocolate moulded products, and granola for some of the largest and emerging brands.

We have refined our production methods to meet the highest standards of quality, consistency, and satisfaction across the board.  We will partner with you to work towards making your product specifically the way you want it.  Whether you are a new startup or an established brand, our experience and expertise will make your production goals a reality.

Meet the Leadership Team

Four Innovative Facilities

State-of-the-art R&D Center. Thirteen fully automated, high-speed production lines.  Providing our clients with the technology and flexibility to meet their needs.

Our Capabilities

Our current capabilities allow us to offer our partners cold form bars, extruded bars, moulded chocolate products, and baked granola.  These systems, in tandem with our talented and conscientious personnel can produce a wide variety of products to meet your needs.  We know how to take your concepts from the Launch Pad R&D Center to the production line, without compromising the quality, taste, and texture you desire.  Our experience and resources will make your product and production dreams a reality.