Baked Products

We have several lines to support your baking needs.  From baked loose granola and bars to baked inclusion pieces, each line has a wide range of equipment to be able to meet your unique product requirements.

  • Granola products

  • Baked bar products

  • Baked inclusion pieces

Nutrition Bars

We produce nutrition bars containing fruits, nuts, cereals, crisps, and other inclusions on sheeting lines. From high speed lines for large runs to smaller lines that give us flexibility and efficiency on smaller runs, we produce many different kinds of bars at the same time. Each line also has chocolate enrobing capabilities to support the desired bar style. 

  • Cereal-based snack bars

  • Fruit/nut snack bar​​

  • Chocolate-covered bars

Protein Bars

We produce sheeted and extruded protein bars with layers, inclusions, chocolate, & toppings.  These bars vary in weight and size. Our R&D team is ready to assist in the development of your bar and to help you hit the nutritional levels that you desire in your product. Each line also has chocolate enrobing capabilities to support the desired bar style.

  • Layered protein bar products

  • Extruded protein bar products

  • Chocolate topped or covered

Chocolate Products

Our experience in making chocolate and confections dates back to the mid-1950s. Today we produce many different chocolate products in our state-of-the-art facility. For example, we use several 60,000lb tanks (and smaller ones) to store chocolate as needed. Piping throughout the entire facility connects these tanks to a tempering unit before being deposited on the appropriate line.

  • Moulded chocolate products

  • Moulded chocolate products with inclusions

  • Filled chocolate pieces

  • Chocolate bark

  • Chocolate cups with inclusions

Bulk Ingredient Sales & Services

We have facilities for baking and roasting bulk ingredients. Give us a call to discuss your ingredient needs.  

  • Granola

  • Toasted oats

  • Inclusion pieces

  • Fruit blends

  • Nut roasting



Unmatched quality and top safety standards are our hallmarks for success.

We take food quality and safety seriously. Our certifications demonstrate our commitment to achieving the highest standards and give you peace of mind knowing we can be your trusted partner in business.


TruFoodMfg is a leading contract manufacturer of private-label nutrition bars, protein bars, chocolate moulded products, and baked goods.  These products are sold at club, grocery, drug, convenience, and department stores worldwide.


We produce a wide range of products for category-leading brands. We believe in business partnerships, with collaboration and open lines of communication. Our dedication, value and expertise are the keystones of our business.

We’re more than just what we do, however. Whether inside at work, with our families or out in the community, we take pride in what we do and strive to make a difference wherever we are. Want to know more about us? Just ask us…we would love to share our story.




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